Cat Track-Type Tractors – Small
Cat Track-Type Tractors - Small Price

Cat, D3K2LGP Track-Type Tractor

Power: 80 hp
Blade Capacity: 2.17 cu yd
Blade Width: 10' 3"
Blade Lift Height: 28.7"

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CAT, D3K2 Track-Type Tractor Mulcher

Power: 104 hp
Mulcher Working Width : 72"
Width of Machine: 92.9"
Operating Weight: 24,698 lbs

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Cat, D4K2LGP Track-Type Tractor

Power: 92 hp
Blade Capacity: 2.42 cu yd
Blade Width: 10' 4"
Blade Lift Height: 29.3"

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Cat, D5K2LGP Track-Type Tractor

Power: 104 hp
Blade Capacity: 3.06 cu yd
Blade Width: 10' 6.7"
Blade Lift Height: 30.2"

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Cat, D6K2LGP Track-Type Tractor

Power: 130 hp
Blade Capacity: 3.8 cu yd
Blade Width: 11'
Blade Lift Height: 37.1"

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